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Excellent in Emergency Care

 JIP Multi Specialty Hospital is the best in emergency and trauma care. JIP Multi Specialty Hospital knows the value of time and well-experienced to take quick and right decisions on time of emergency. We offer the best of emergency health services for critical patients. A team of Best Emergency, care doctors are available around the clock to deliver the finest treatment and interventions in emergency care in Chennai.

All emergency Instruments Including Ventilators / Dialysis.

Our consultants, doctors, and staffs are able to handle any kind of emergency round the clock. We can also provide therapeutic services like blood transfusions, nebulization, and antibiotic infusions. Our department is supported by 24-hour X-ray, C- Arm and Ventilator and laboratory services with advanced technologies. Operation Theater is available for 24/7 any emergency cases.

Affordable cost.

Even though Chennai has the lowest poverty rates in the country and affordable medical services, there is still a significant section of the metropolitan’s population that cannot afford good quality medical services. Due to this, It has been founded that in most parts of rural and semi-urban diseases go undiagnosed. But JIP Multi Specialty Hospital provides free medical camp, affordable cost, and services to the needy.

Well experienced staffs.

Every department is manned by the well-experienced team of consultants, doctors, and staffs in JIP Multi Specialty Hospital, We ensure access, affordable and quality care is made available to all. Our staffs monitor patients’ experience from the time they enter the hospital until they leave. Our staffs are made continuously aware of their responsibility for quality delivery at each level. We will ensure timely, efficient and equitable care at an affordable cost.

Eminent physicians, surgeons, paramedics in all specialties.

JIP Multi Specialty Hospital is supported by a team of dedicated physicians, surgeons, paramedics and a very progressive management under the leadership of Dr. NEO CHURCH THARSIS. Our team gives best around the clock to deliver the finest treatment and interventions

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